Importing Demands into Bullhorn Workforce Management

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Available with: Available with: Sirenum (all editions) with Scheduling Module and Import Tool Module 
Licence Required: Salesforce Licence or Salesforce Platform Licence
Time Estimate: 30 mins

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What You Will Learn

On this course, you will learn how to use the Sirenum import tool, step by step. Navigate the course lessons and topics to learn how to use all the features and get the most out of Sirenum.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

Define the purpose of the Sirenum Import Tool without reference to your notes
Locate the destination and describe how to use the Sirenum Import Tool
Identify the location of the template using the materials provided
Define what are the results after the Sirenum Import Tool has been used
List at least two best practises for using the Sirenum Import File

The Sirenum Import Tool is a simple utility that allows users to quickly load a list of shift requirements or shifts into the Sirenum system using an excel file (*.xls).

The tool enables the user to:

Load Shifts and Shift Requirements into Sirenum from an .xls file
Create new contact records and unrecognised contact names
Undo the Import if required