Bullhorn Workforce Management Schedule

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Available with: Bullhorn Workforce Management
License Required: Salesforce License, Salesforce Platform License, and Customer Community Plus
Course Completion Time (Estimate): 2 hours 50 mins

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What You Will Learn

Welcome to this training course on the Bullhorn Workforce Management Schedule. This course is designed to introduce you to the Schedule. This course is the core to the operations department and will provide information on how to create Client Demands as well as the various methods to fulfil or change the Demand.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

Navigate to the correct area to access the Schedule or Lightning Schedule within your environment
Define the terminology Supply and Demand using the material provided
Changing the Schedule’s view to meet your requirements
Apply at least two filters to the Schedule within your environment
Correctly identify when a decoration will be displayed using the material provided
Create at least two Demands within the Schedule
Using Find a Resource fulfill the newly created Demand
Using the Open Shift functionality invite at least three workers to a Demand
Generate at least one Job Order within your environment, incorporating a newly created Work Schedule
Move a Job Orders status from “Pending” to “On-Going” using the materials
Move a Job Order into a cancelled state using the material provided