How to Become a Certified Sirenum Trainer

At Sirenum we pride ourselves on delivering first-class training to our customers by our Learning and Development team. We offer the opportunity for our Partners to put forward their colleague(s) to become a Certified Sirenum Trainer.

In order to ensure that when training is delivered by Sirenum partners and the trainer is meeting the standard set out by the Sirenum Learning and Development team, we have devised an in-depth assessment programme.

Sirenum Certification Programme

The process a trainer must undergo to deliver Sirenum Training is as follows:

  • The Trainer is trained by the Sirenum Learning and Development team and provided access (if not already) to Sirenum University
  • The Partner Trainer will complete Quizzes within Sirenum University to ensure they understand the feature
  • The Trainer then runs a 15-30 minute training session which will be assessed based on the assessment matrix found within the Sirenum – Becoming a Certified Sirenum Trainer document
  • The Sirenum Learning and Development team will provide feedback on the delivery and inform the Trainer of any development areas

After passing the assessment, the Trainer will be provided with all the appropriate materials e.g. training slides, agendas etc. and a badge demonstrating that they can deliver training sessions on behalf of Sirenum. The Trainer is to be reassessed in six months time, followed by yearly assessments.

If the result of the assessment is a fail, the Trainer will be reassessed within one week. Failure to uphold the Sirenum standards will result in further reassessments and the Trainer will not be able to deliver Sirenum training until a passed result is achieved.

To explore the assessment matrix and for further details on the Certification Programme, download the Sirenum – Becoming a Certified Sirenum Trainer document.

Sirenum Training Process

The skills and techniques that have been honed to make our Training Programmes so successful are based on lengthy planning with various stakeholders to create a bespoke training plan for our customers.

The Sirenum Training Process allows you to see the eight steps of what is expected from you as a Certified Sirenum Trainer and the preparation that is required.

The Sirenum Team are here to support you, so please do ask if you have any questions.