SirenumGo – Being a Volunteer

Available For: Registered Volunteers
Device: Computer or Mobile Device
This is a FREE service. Registration to Sirenum University is not required

If you require further information about Sirenum Go and want to register please do so by clicking on the following link. SirenumGo

Create an Account and Login.


Here are all your assigned invitations

Select an invitation to show the full details.

When invitation are in progress, tap “On My Way“.

When invitation is complete click “Finish Shift“.

To set your availability select the Calendar view and click on the “I’m Available” or “I’m not available” button this will relate to your availability today.

Invitations to Help

Select the invitation you want to help with.

Select “I will provide this help” or “Sorry, I can’t help.”

Please Note: If you are unable to carryout a request or no longer available to volunteer. Please contact your coordinator, they can then reassign the request to another volunteer.

My Preferences

Select “My Preferences“.

Tick boxes for your Preferences .

Tick boxes for Qualifications that apply to you (co-ordinators may contact you for proof).

Click “Next” to save changes.

My Messages

Send messages to the co-ordinators.


FAQ and Government advice on COVID-19.

How to the Favourite the Page

Android Device

Open Chrome on your Android device.

Tap the three dots in the top right corner.

Select Bookmarks or the Star icon.

Save the page.

iOS Device

Open Safari on your iOS device.

Tap the More icon in the top or bottom part of the screen.

Tap Add Bookmark.

Save the page.

iOS More Button

iOS Bookmark Button