Managing Compliance in Sirenum

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Available With: Sirenum (All Editions), excluding Related Competencies only available with Sirenum version 2.0
Licence Required: Salesforce Licence, Salesforce Platform Licence
Time Estimate: 1 hour
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What You Will Learn

Welcome to this course on Managing Compliance in Sirenum. This session is designed to introduce you to the Compliance feature within Sirenum, creating competencies, managing conditions around the competencies, Health and Safety rules and editing existing rules. This course will provide you with examples to support your learning, however they are examples only and should not be used on a live system.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

In your own words define what is a Competency within Sirenum
Identify where you would define competencies within Sirenum
Using your version of Sirenum create at least one Competency
Taking the newly created Competency and assigning a Ticket to a worker
Create at least one condition for the competencies within your system
Using best practices develop a Health and Safety Rule
Identify the steps required to update an existing Health and Safety Rule within your version of Sirenum
List the steps involved to manage expiring Tickets